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  • Jen Fenner

Sujan to Postdoc at Johns Hopkins with Lamichhane Lab

What's Next for Sujan?

"I am glad to share that I will be joining Lamichhane lab at Johns Hopkins University in June 2023 as a post-doctoral fellow. I will be doing research on the mechanism of Mycobacterial cell wall synthesis to aid in our understanding of the genetic basis of mycobacterial virulence and susceptibility to various existing and novel therapeutics. Being an MS graduate in Medical Microbiology and with five years of experience in various genetic, molecular and proteomic tools in the Range lab, the proposed project merges both my knowledge and expertise. Mycobacterial infections and the continued emergence of drug resistance is a big challenge for global health research. The effort made by a limited number of labs like Lamichhane Lab helps to save thousands of people around the globe. His group puts significant effort into treating mycobacterial infections by introducing new strategies for antibiotic treatment. I am proud to join the Lamichhane lab where I will be learning about microbiome-host interactions and will get to apply my own expertise gained during my PhD to contribute to human science."

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