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  • Jen Fenner

Congrats to Dr. Sujan Gautam on his PhD Defense!

Congratulations to Sujan for presenting his Dissertation seminar today titled "Studies on the role non-canonical Wnt/JNK Signaling in during early germ layers formation along the anterior-posterior axis in sea urchin embryos"

Sujan's research has focused on identifying new components involved in the Wnt/Jnk signaling pathway responsible for patterning the AP axis in sea urchins. He presented his soon to be published study on a conserved ancestral Wnt-Sp5 signaling cassette necessary for sea urchin AP patterning. In this study he also showed how Sp5 is a previously uncharacterized member of a highly conserved echinoderm endomesoderm gene regulatory network kernal. Sujan's other projects involved identifying ATF2 as the transcriptional effector downstream of Wnt8-Fzl5/8-pJNK signaling as well as characterizing the expression patterns of LRG, RSPO, and ZNRF3 genes which are potential membrane level modulators of Wnt signaling.

Sujan's seminar today highlighted just a subsection of the tremendous amount of data that he has produced. Sujan has an incredible work ethic and has been an integral part of the Range Lab. We are extremely proud of him and can't wait to see all the exciting new research he'll do in his postdoc at Johns Hopkins.

Congrats Dr. Gautam!

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